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We write high quality and very user friendly software in Access for our clients and for us to use in-house to help service our client requirements.

With all our software, our clients are granted a non exclusive license to use in perpetuity and you can choose whether to use us for support or not. We are very happy to supply references from a range of clients.

Our software can cover a multitude of tasks for you. Examples include:

  • Lead Capture and Fulfilment
  • Prospect Database management
  • Marketing Database management
  • Sales & Marketing management
  • Invoice Generation and Management
  • Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire data-capture and analysis

If you already have a postcode lookup system, we can integrate this for you, or recommend and implement one for you to use.

We can also take the data and information from your old systems (paper or computer) and clean and reformat it to go into the new system. Our systems always include basic functions such as upper and lower casing, separate company fields, country names, all the reporting that you need, export of data to external files and much much more.

We deliver software that does what you want – or you get your money back.

Please e-mail us at EXL@EXLServices.co.uk to arrange a free no obligation talk on how we can help you.

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