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Marketing Strategy

We can help you plan how to find you new customers and, more importantly, how to get the most out of your existing customers.

To develop a marketing strategy, you need to understand questions like “how many customers have you actually got” and “how many households buy from you” – if a man and wife are buying from you for the household – often you only really have one customer. “How many customers have only bought from you once” – do you know why – have you gone back to them to ask them to purchase again? “How many duplicates” are on your files. Having the same person on your files more than once means that you may be sending out duplicates marketing promotions and wasting your budget, you may be sending out offers to people who appear to have enquired – but in fact are good customers under another account number.

Understanding your data will give us areas for “quick wins” – things we can do now to get more sales and profit into your business – while we work together on a plan to build the business up. We call this “Communications Cycle Management” please read that page.

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