Database Management & Computer Bureaux

All the services you need for handling on an ongoing basis or for one-off projects.

All this work is done in conjunction with the client. We can carry out a quick report on receiving the data and then talk to you about how you would like to proceed. For example, we can dedupe data at individual level, household level or surname level. Some duplicates can be processed automatically – for names & addresses that are not exact matches, we can produce print-outs for you to look and decide on the action.

Data Analysis

We can provide a full analysis of your sales campaigns and customer data either on an in house basis (where you have our software installed) or as an external consultancy making use of our own industry expertise.

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires (CSQ) should be an ongoing project to monitor the business to ensure current customers are happy, enquiries are fulfilled and research is gleaned to improve products and services. It is an integral part of the marketing mix, the results of which will reflect directly on the quality of your service and therefore revenue and profit.