Behavioural Change

Every business needs objectives, systems, processes, policies, great customer service, effective marketing etc. but underneath this are your people making these functions deliver for your organisation. Great people can make old fashioned, temperamental systems work, equally people lacking in motivation can mean that the most capable systems fail. Every business is a function of its people, people behaving in ways that ensure your business drivers are implemented in every transaction.

It should be simple – tell your people to do the job in a new way and watch the profit develop. Most managers have tried this and found that it does not always work, some people adopt the new ways of working whilst others remain firmly in the past. If behavioural change were that simple all that would be needed to tackle obesity in the country would be to tell everyone to eat more healthily and do more exercise!

Through our specialist teams we design tailor made solutions to solve your people performance needs – we can help you grow and develop more effective managers who can routinely influence staff performance or we can resolve problems relating to productivity, customer service, health, safety, or any other performance area which may be causing you concern.

For example, having the business plans and marketing in place is not always enough. To make the most money, you need your people to implement your company ethos for every customer.

We work in partnership with you, establishing the principles of behavioural science within your work situation. The proposition is simple: by encouraging the right behaviours, you will drive your business performance!

Over the last 12 months we have been involved in managing programmes at E.on, Group 4 Securitas, British Gas, Centrica, Old Mutual Asset Management and many more.

Projects have been delivered in a wide variety of plants / locations in the UK, Europe and the US.

Examples of projects include:

  1. At Telford Extrusions we improved productivity through a mix of implementing process reengineering and then behavioural change to ensure the new ways of working were adopt.
  2. At Old Mutual Asset Management we have worked with the managers to improve how they manage their staff on a daily basis so that they can keep headcount cost down in the current climate.
  3. At Starbucks we worked as part of a team to help increase sales in London stores.
  4. At E.on we worked as part of wider team to help improve customer service performance.

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